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About us

The Fabulous Fern

W-F 10-5

Sat 10-4

(hours may change seasonally)

905 S Chestnut 

Olathe Ks 66061




The Journey to The Fabulous Fern an Olathe Home Décor Company


Olathe Home Décor

I am so happy and humbled to say that, as Olathe Home Décor, our customers now, do indeed, know us as their "go to" for the highest quality home décor.  We are especially known for the highest quality faux greenery, most beautiful seasonal décor and special, one-of-a-kind custom arrangements. As this industry continues to grow and morph to include a more online presence, I find myself wanting and needing to re-brand again. Although the word "Olathe" is a Navajo word that translates to "beautiful", let's face it, the word does not exactly roll off the tongue let alone bring to mind amazing home décor (unless you're familiar with our brick and mortar shop!).  So we find ourselves here, re-branding to....


The Fabulous Fern, an Olathe Home Décor Co.

As we start out our website is going to offer a small sampling of our bestselling store items.  As we learn to sail these new online waters, our selections and services will grow.  We hope that you will take this journey with us!  We are always open to your feedback whether you have questions, comments or concerns about an order or the content found within this website. If you have decorating questions or need help with color choices, please feel free to call or email us and one of our team members will get back to you right away.  

Again, thank you for visiting our website! 


We look forward to serving you and we hope if you find yourself in the Kansas City area, you'll travel a little farther South to Olathe and visit us in person at 905 S Chestnut!



Rebecca Shipley

The Fabulous Fern, 

an Olathe Home Décor Company.